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Žaidimas DEX PS4

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Žaidimas Dex PS4

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Video raiška: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Remote Play funkcija

DLC outfits + Original Soundtrack CD


Paskutinė prekė


Saugumo politika (redaguojama modulyje "Kliento patikinimas")


Pristatymo politika (redaguojama modulyje "Kliento patikinimas")


Grąžinimo politika (redaguojama modulyje "Kliento patikinimas")

Meaningful character progression choices: Will you be a silent assassin, a hacker, or a straightforward gunfighter?

Full voice acting: Interactive dialogues using hand-drawn sprite animations, voice-acted by professional actors.

Unique hacking mechanic: Transfer your consciousness to your avatar, overcome intrusion countermeasures, take action, and then return back to your body in a fraction of a real-time second to see the results - deactivated turrets, overloaded devices, enemies with crippled implants...

Neo-cyberpunk: Story deeply inspired by the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and other classical cyberpunk authors, flavored with a contemporary concept of augmented reality.

Playtime of more than 20 hours

Rich game world and mindful level design: Visit diverse locations in Harbor Prime, a futuristic city complete with luxurious skyscrapers, run-down shantytowns, and seedy red-light districts.

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