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Sony Dualshock 4 Controller PS4 ( Bevielis pultas)

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Sony Dualshock 4 Controller PS4 ( Bevielis pultas)

Garantija: 12 mėn.

2 Point Touch Pad

Enhanced vibration

Built-in mono speaker and headset jack

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Broadcast instantly - Share triumphs and accomplishments with friends via popular social networks at the touch of the SHARE button
Hear every detail - Enjoy high-fidelity sound effects through the controller and chat with friends with the built-in mono speaker and headset jack
Feel the action - Not only will you see and hear everything in even deeper detail, you'll feel it too with more intense vibration motors
Precision design - Take control in even more comfort thanks to a new design, while improved analog sticks and buttons mean greater precision.
New ideas - Guide, gesture or draw with the Touch Pad. Located on the front of the controller, it'll free the way you play.
Personalised play - Four colour LEDs offer a simple way to identify players and see useful game information, such as a character taking major damage.

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