Žaidimas No Man's Sky Beyond PS4 VR  - 1
  • Žaidimas No Man's Sky Beyond PS4 VR  - 1

Žaidimas No Man's Sky Beyond PS4 VR

29,99 €
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Žaidimas No Man's Sky Beyond PS4 VR

1 žaidėjas

4+ žaidėjai tinkle (reikalinga PS Plus paslauga)

Playstation VR suderinamas

Mažiausiai 12 GB laisvos vietos

Video raiška: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Dualshock 4 pulto virbracijos fukcijos, Remote Play funkcija.

PlayStation®VR Headset + PlayStation®Camera Required

Playstation Move compactible

PS4 PRO konsolei pritaikytas žaidimas



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A universe beyond every light in the sky is a star system you can visit. Every planet, life-form and civilization is unique. Every corner of the universe is a frontier waiting to be explored. Whether you choose to fight, trade or explore, every decision you make has consequences, shaping your journey as you travel ever deeper into no Man's sky. So where will you go first? Playstation plus subscription required for online multiplayer PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.