Žaidimas Quar: Infernal Machines PS4  - 1
  • Žaidimas Quar: Infernal Machines PS4  - 1

Žaidimas Quar: Infernal Machines PS4

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Žaidimas Quar: Infernal Machines (VR Compatible)  PS4

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Playstation VR suderinamas

Video raiška: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Dualshock 4 pulto virbracijos fukcijos, Remote Play funkcija.

PlayStation®VR Headset + PlayStation®Camera Required

Playstation Move compactible

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Grąžinimo politika (redaguojama modulyje "Kliento patikinimas")

  • PlayStation VR compatible including Move Controller support
  • Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system "This Quar's War" by zombiesmith
  • More than 12 levels in which to fight for the Crusader cause!
  • 18 different friendly and enemy units! From infantry, cavalry, armoured tractors, snipers and heavy-automatic shotguns!
  • A living, breathing upgradeable base fully populated with Quar troops
  • Walk around the entire battlefield with Quar troops to get the full VR experience
  • PLEASE NOTE: This game can be played in VR and non-VR

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