Žaidimas Mortal Kombat XL PS4

CUSA 03679

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Žaidimas Mortal Kombat XL PS4

1 - 2 žaidėjai

2 - 10 žaidėjų online (reikalinga PS Plus paslauga)

Minimum 42 GB laisvos vietos

720p, 1080i, 1080p , remote play, pulto vibracija

Papildomai: 9 Additional Characters & All Skin Packs



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19,99 € su PVM

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  • NEXT-GEN FATALITIES:Mortal Kombat XL offers you the chance to crush your opponent with the most intense and gruesome finishing moves ever.
  • EVERY CHARACTER, VARIATION & SKIN:For the first time, play from the entire MKX roster - completely unlocked! You can play as the most iconic movie characters and brand new fan favourites. Customise your fights like never before!This includes brand new character packs, skin packs and a completely unseen previously environment - the Pit!
  • CINEMATIC STORY MODE:Step into a brand new story mode that pushes Mortal Kombat 25 years into the future